About Us

 Embark on a journey of wellness at our Cobre 29 Massage & Spa centers.

Recepción Cobre 29

Cobre 29 is a massage space dedicated to wellness and health, in alliance with copper and its beneficial properties. Stress and fatigue dominate our lives, eroding the vitality of our body.

We must find the balance to find the options that allow both our body and mind to regenerate. In this search our purpose is born, you will be able to disconnect, rest and revitalize yourself to the sound of our hands in a harmonic conjunction with the copper.

​At cobre 29, you will not see receptionists, but Counselors, who will help you in recommending the best experience for your health and well-being.

Nor will you find massage therapists, but body artisans, ready to shape your muscles and joints to achieve that much needed malleability.

We want to help you finding the best ritual for your health and wellness. There is no one like you to guide us.

Equipo de Cobre 29

Our values

We believe that no one is more than anyone else and when working together for the good of all we will succeed in our purpose.

  • We express our will to be socially useful. Because we love human beings and we love nature.

  • We are collaboration and joy, without classism, without exclusions.

  • We like to do research to improve and be more effective in our purpose.​

Our commitment

Commitment to nature

We are living beings part of the same Nature, and therefore, we must take care of it and demand that it is preserved at all costs.

Commitment to others

We embrace social inclusion, solidarity, gender equality, work-life balance, responsible and ethical consumption, fair trade, ecological, and sustainable production, and education, scientific and technological innovation as drivers of progress.

Commitment to ourselves

We provide a work environment that allows the professional, emotional and moral development of the work team.

If you have any questions or any suggestions, we will be happy to advise you.

Let us surprise you, we are waiting for you.

Trabajadora de Cobre 29