Frequent questions

  • What is an immersion?
    It is our way of calling massages, since we provide an immersion in copper as soon as you enter our facilities.

  • How can I see the prices?
    Entering the reservations section, selecting the day and time in the calendar, you must select a dive and at the end of the page you will see what you selected, the prices and the shifts with different prices.

  • What do I need to bring?
    Only the bathing suit or bikini is necessary. In all our dives we provide a robe, towel and flip flops, you will also find lockers and everything you need for your toilet in the changing room. (Hair dryers, moisturizer, Gel and Shampoo, deodorant…)

  • When can I use the spa?
    The use of the spa is unlimited if you hire a dive. (massage) You can use before, after or both options. 
    The time you reserve is for the immersion (massage) and that is immovable.

  • What is the time I book?
    It is time for your immersion, immersion are our different massages that you can enjoy.

  • What is the number that appears behind each massage?
    If you contract a Kaizen60 with us, you are contracting a 60-minute massage. If, on the other hand, you hire a Koprum90, you are hiring a 90-minute massage.

  • Couple promotions?
    You can find them on our website by clicking on reservations and within the different dives those that put FOR TWO.

  •  What time should I arrive at Cobre29?
    It is important to us that you arrive 15 minutes before your reservation time, otherwise you will use the spa before your dive.

  • What is the location of Cobre29?
    We are located on the third floor of the Hotel Meliá Valencia, Avenida de les Corts Valencianes, 52 46015 Valencia.