Rules of Use


Cobre29 is a place for relaxation and enjoyment, so if you suffer any discomfort or physical injury due to any circumstance that prevents you from enjoying the service, consult our staff who will help you or adjust the circuit.

During your stay in Cobre29 it is necessary that you hydrate.

There is a designated area where you can enjoy herbal teas and water completely free of charge.

In Cobre29 you can experience a unique massage with a duration of 60 or 90 minutes which will include the unlimited water area, it is not possible to recover the massage time if you are late for your appointment.

Whether you come alone or in a group of friends or family, taking into account that Cobre29 is mixed, it presupposes maximum respect for the calm, well-being and space of other visitors.

A calm and serenity that you will be the first person to appreciate and enjoy.



·       To enjoy Cobre29 you must wear your hair up, a swimsuit or a bikini. If you haven't brought yours, don't worry, you can buy one at our reception.

·       It is also mandatory to shower before accessing the pools.

·       It is not allowed to eat and/or smoke in Cobre29.

·       Cobre29 is a place for relaxation and well-being, so diving or games are not allowed.

·       Respect the silence, space and privacy of others and the minimum decorum.

·       Cobre29 can be used from 14 years old and always under the supervision of an adult or guardian.

·       Failure to comply with the instructions of the staff (regarding the application of regulations or for technical health and safety reasons) may lead to an invitation to terminate the use of the facilities.

·       Not recommended for children under 9 years of age



The use of the Copper29 water zone is not recommended for:

·       Pregnant women, hypertensive people, cardiovascular complications, respiratory disorders, diseases, infections and/or allergies, epilepsy, recent scars, recent operations.

·       If you have just eaten a copious meal or some alcohol.

·       We do not recommend a stay of more than 20 minutes in any of the parts of the circuits, including the jacuzzi or water beds. If you want to exceed this time, it is mandatory that you take a shower with warm-cold water.